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What We Teach

We feel that private instruction is the best method for learning an instrument. The teacher can focus 100% on each student. This also means that each student can have a custom approach. “One size does not fit all.” We encourage creativity and composition/improvisation as well. That being said, we do use established method books as the basis of our teaching. These days there are many method books available in many different musical styles; classical, jazz, rock, etc. Knowing which ones to select is important. We offer half-hour or one-hour lessons. Most children take half-hour lessons. Here are some general descriptions of what is offered.

Pre-Piano Lessons

Lessons for young children, beginning at age 4 yr. and above, using elementary methods and workbooks featuring recognition of notes, letters, and numbers.

Piano Lessons

Children and adults, all ages. Beginning through advanced levels. Classical, jazz, rock, and pop.

Guitar Lessons

Beginning through intermediate levels. Acoustic, electric, and classical guitar.  Focus is on notation, theory, and technique. Classical, jazz, rock, and pop (but not heavy metal).

Flute, Saxophone , Clarinet Lessons

Beginning through advanced. Classical, jazz, rock, and advanced techniques.

Singer/Songwriter Services

Working with singers and songwriters preparing music for auditions, demos, and recordings. Arranging, coaching, and recording production. (Please see Music Services for more information.)

Theory and Composition

Beginning through advanced. AP Music theory tutoring.

For more information about the Academy, email us, or call (510) 524-2055.